Installing the WordPress plugin



Download the Plugin

Installing the module

1. Login to WordPress as administrator;

2. Go to “Extensions > Add”, find the SendinBlue plugin and upload it;

3. Activate the SendinBlue extension and go to the configuration page;

4. Follow the instructions: simply enter your SendinBlue API keys.

Main plugin functionality

A plugin for creating your subscription forms

This is, of course, the plugin’s main function.

You can access a list of your subscription forms on the Forms tab. The list contains a default subscription form and you can create others by clicking on “Add a form”.


You will be able to specify the fields that make up your forms.
To accommodate both novices and more advanced users, fields are configured using a dual interface:
– On the left is an HTML editor that allows advanced users to easily customize the form,

– There is a simplified interface on the right for adding a field to the form, as well as a form preview. Once entered, the code appears on the left side.


Note: don’t forget to refresh the preview to see your changes.

You can also specify some general settings by clicking on the forms tab:

– Sending a confirmation email (selecting the template and sender)
– Double opt-in activation
– Redirection to a specific URL after subscription
– Confirmation messages (operation completed successfully, invalid address, etc.)


Once you have configured the form, you just need to go to the Appearance/Widgets menu to add the “SendinBlue form” widget to one or more sidebars. Note that the widget has a number of settings, including the list to which subscribers are added and the appearance (or not) of certain fields. This allows you to have specific forms for different parts of the website. For example, for a themed portal you could have a themed form with specific questions and a separate list for these subscribers, which would enable you to better manage future mailings.


A plugin for sending your transactional emails

If you activate the option “Transactional Emails”, all WordPress emails will be sent using the SendinBlue SMTP server. In real terms, this gives your emails the best possible chance of reaching their intended recipients and provides you with real statistics. On the plugin’s Statistics tab (or from your SendinBlue account), you can see whether each sent email has been safely received, opened and clicked.


A plugin to manage your contacts, create your campaigns and access your statistics

The WordPress plugin lets you access simplified versions of the SendinBlue platform to:
Manage lists: new lists, contact searches, segmentation, etc.
Manage campaigns: current campaign reports, new campaigns, etc.
Statistics: on deliverability, opening and clicks on sent emails

A plugin to activate Marketing Automation on your website

You can also activate Marketing Automation using the WordPress plugin:
Automatic installation of the script on your website
Automatic use of the “Identify” tag: in the WordPress login and SendinBlue forms
Access to the SendinBlue dashboard: workflow creation and management, and statistics display


Below we have provided you with some useful screen shots.

WordPress_EN_9  WordPress_EN_7 WordPress_EN_6WordPress_EN_8


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